Rules and Ragulations


A student must attend at least 75% of the total classes held, otherwise he/she will be declared Non-Collegiate. A student failing to attend at least 50% of the classes held will be declared discollegiate.


H.S. Class: College holds three Unit Tests before final Examination of H.S. 1st year and 2nd year as mentioned in academic calendar TDC 1st year (1st semester & 2nd semester): Under semester system the examination will be held as given below in each semester.

Internal Examination / Sessional Examination: 20% marks.

End Semester Examination: 80% marks.

One Internal/Sessional examination of 20% marks will be conducted by the college as mentioned in the academic calendar. End semester examination for 80% marks will be conducted by the university at the end of each semester. Internal examination of 20% marks includes written examination, home assignment, participation in seminar, symposium, Field work etc.

TDC 2nd year and 3rd year:

Two Unit Tests will be conducted for TDC 2nd Year and TDC 3rd Year as per academic calendar (non semester /annual system)


The College has a computerized library and a well furnished reading room.  The college library is well organized and there are sufficient numbers of books in the library. The library also subscribes journals, periodicals and news papers.

The commodious reading room of the Library provides ample facilities for reading to a large number of students and it remains open during the working hours of the college (From 10 A.M. to 4 P.M.). Student can borrow books from the library under some rules and every student is personally responsible for loss or damage of any book borrowed. However, there are some books, which cannot be taken out of the library, but students can use these books in the Reading Room of the library. Arrangement has been made to provide Book Bank facilities to SC/ST/OBC and economically backward students from this session.

Number of library cards issued to a student of -

H. S. class - 2 nos. each :: Degree (General) - 2 nos. each :: Degree (Major) - 3 nos. each


1. It is compulsory for every students to bring the identity card to the college every day, so that it can be produced whenever needed by the college authority.

2. It is compulsory for every student to attend at least 75% of the lecturers delivered in each subject to be eligible for appearing in the Council/University examination and for contesting election in the college Union Body.

3. It is mandatory for every student to appear in the unit tests held in the college from time to time.

4. Students must observe complete silence in the college premises. They must avoid aimless loitering in the college campus.

5. Students must maintain complete silence in the college library and reading room.

6. College uniform is compulsory for all students.

7. Use of mobile phone is strictly prohibited in the compound of the college.

8. Students must not destroy or deface the college property in any circumstance.

9. Ragging is strictly prohibited in the college. Any one found taking resort to ragging is liable to be punished.

10. Smoking, consumption of alcoholic drinks intoxicants and narcotic drugs is strictly prohibited in the college campus.

11. Spiting, writing on the wall is strictly prohibited.

12. Any kind of unruly behaviour is strictly prohibited in the college campus.