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Dr Mukunda Sarma
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 In the changed environment the sector of higher education has been facing many challenges and there is pressure of heavy enormity for maintaining the quality parameter. Quality as we know is a very broad term and for the realization of the meaning of the term and for maintaining the real meaning we all are to be very careful. The national Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) has outlined seven specific areas for determining the quality of an institution. We faced the Second Cycle Assessment and Accreditation by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council in planned manner with the help and contribution of all. The institution was assessed by the council in the year 2015, on 20th to 22nd August by sending the peer team members and accredited on 2.53.  What all the stakeholders did for the preparation and for the final trial was intriguing. We are thankful to you all.

We know that excellence of human achievement is reflected in the cultural paradigm of life and social relationships. To live life in peace which is the prime demand of modern life of the nations and one of the most important objectives of education throughout the world is achievable with the help of developing the cultural relationships among societies and nations of the world. There is the growing demand of understanding the lifestyles and cultures of different nations of the world for peaceful co-existence and survival. Considering all these the need of understanding different lifestyles and cultures has become an emergent issue in today's education and societies as relationships among countries become more intertwined and peaceful existence depends on proper cultural understanding and exchange. For this the need of an ideal institution with democratic culture that creates the spirit of ethnic integration, social integration, national integration, and international awareness among the learners has become the urgent demand. Understanding of various cultures and learning of different opinions and values by the learners which can be made feasible through the incorporation of technology into the curricular exercises has very rapidly been increasing in the global situation. Therefore, at the time of educational planning all these issues are to be considered in proper manner for helping the learners develop the spirit of oneness among the citizens of the nations. We are partially successful and committed to achieve the highest target by being united and performing our versatile roles considering the place of existence and specialties of the demographic dividend of the locality. 

By denying the importance of research in the sector of higher education we cannot even think about the achievement of personal excellence of our academic exercises. The question of achieving the vision and mission of a particular institution of the sector of higher education depends on the mass involvement of the teachers in research. With the involvement in teaching and learning there is the utmost importance of the involvement in research for finding out innovative approaches and ideas for helping the learners to find out the ways and means for the development of all the human attributes as per the demand of changed time and as per the requirement of life.  For the renewal of the existing stock of knowledge, for adding new ideas, developing new perceptions and for helping to extend the knowledge parameter there is the need of rigorous research activities. Human inquisitiveness helps to find out new ways, new means, and new ideas necessary for the solutions of the difficult problems of life. The basic concern of all types of education is to make life easy going by solving all the problems brought forward by the changed time and life situations. We live in time and it is the measuring scale of everything we achieve in life in the form of culture and civilization. Human culture is the product of life activities and human civilization is the product of the means of survival. We survive depending on Nature. Therefore, the basic duty of human life is the acquisition and development of all necessary knowledge for making life easy going without disturbing the balance of nature. As a young institution of the District by understanding the gravity of the challenges we are to work hard so as to overcome everything as per the need of the locality and the greater society and make the institution one of the best institutions by making the quality parameter extra ordinary. If we all work with commitment I am confident everything will become very easy for us and we will be recognized as per our expectation and will.

Dr Mukunda Sarma,M.A,B.Ed, M.Phil,P.hD
Bhawanipur Anchalik College