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Mr. Binode Chandra Pathak
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There is no end of ends for learning. This continued process that begins at our birth is carried till death. But the motivation and the scope of education to help learning may have multi-dimensional effect depending upon the given circumstances and the prevalent environment.

 BHAWANIPURANCHALIKCOLLEGEis a rural based educational institution in a location inhabited by poor and marginal farmers. The village economy is pre-dominantly based on agriculture. There is no industry, any kind of trading market or any big centre of business to generate employment to the educated, skilled or unskilled youth. This area of greater Bhawanipur is, however, connected by theNational Highwayand the Railways. Despite such geographical location, the pace of development in this area is pitiable. The main setback, perhaps, can be reasoned as lack of socio-political leadership. Strategically, this area including the Bhawanipur Legislative Assembly Constituency (LAC) falls under the Kokrajhar Lok-Sabha Constituency (HPC), which is a reserved category constituency (Scheduled Tribe). Whereas, the population pattern of Bhawanipur LAC is of non-tribal majority. This ground reality has the obvious reasons leading to failure to draw the political good-will and attention in order to have a committed agenda of development. On the other hand, the area falls under the administrative control and supervision of the Barpeta district administration under the Barpeta Lok-Sabha Constituency. This diarchal position needs to be remedied early to streamline the Governmental action, implementation of plans and programs of equal distribution as enshrined in the Constitution of India.

The elite, effluent and the creamy-layer of this society, who had their higher education and status, are seldom concerned with the development of the area as they are permanently settled in cities in the country or even abroad.

In such a backdrop, it has become expedient and inevitably necessary to establish some institutions for the up-liftment and to mitigate the needs of the populace of the locality both in higher education, vocational training and also to develop entrepreneurship. This college was established in the year 1982 with a single stream of learning in arts faculties. This hardly fulfilled the aspirations and the present day need of the society.

Now, this centre of higher education passing through the changed situation, having committed zeal and goal has embarked in a mission to impart education primarily in the field of vocational courses and training by opening new courses in Commerce, vocational courses under IGNOU,K.K.HandiqueOpenUniversityetc.specially designed to suit such purposes and to generate employment avenues.

I fervently and earnestly call upon to the entire population of this area in general and those public spirited youth and the student community in particular to join hands with us so that we can show and prove ourselves that this area once again can excel to reach out a renewed height of excellence in sustainable learning  and fruitful education.